Due to our participation as a vendor in the State of Maine Building at The Big E in Springfield, MA

from September 12-28, 2014, we will not be able to fill orders for SOME of our products during this period.

To prevent confusion and disappointment, we modified our listings so products we are not able to offer

for a period will come up as if they are out ofstock. 

This applies to Bathroom Buoys, Guest Book Buoys, Mailbox Buoys,and Buoy Bud Vases

If you were hoping to order something from us and were not able to because of this, email us and

let us know about it so we can help you when we return.

 "Buoy Bat is the best recreational bat and ball set ever created.  It's safe,

easy, fun, and all ages and abilities can be good at it.

We guarantee it" - Buoy Bill


What are people saying about Buoy Bat?


S.C.R..."We love our buoy bat. Makes for great family fun. Everyone can play!!!"

K.M..."Buoy bats are the best gift going ....you can give them to kid, you can give them to a kid at heart or you can give there's even one for people with a canine family member. Fun for EVERYBODY!"

L.Z.T..."Amazing fun that helps level the playing field for everyone - young, old, or special needs can all enjoy a fun active outdoor activity!!"

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R.P... "Buoy Bats bring family, friends, and fun together.

J.H.D..."We received a buoy bat as a gift several years ago- both of my boys LOVE it!!! We have since given them as gifts. The buoy bat is always a HIT!!!"

Monogramming available on all our products!

K.B.P..."One of the funnest inventions ever!"

K.A.S..."A fun, customizable gift I've never had to return. Grab an extra one for those birthdays that sneak up on you. Always a hit!"

L.W..."Love the buoy bat. We play a game at every family function."

Made in Maine!

D.S..."I love the uniqueness of them, fun way to get family and friends together and built by someone with great passion who never stops asking the publics opinion."

H.H..."Received our Buoy Bat three years ago and it's always used at camp by my grand kids and friends. Even the four year old can swing that bat and get a hit. Fun, fun, fun!!"

C.E..."I love Bouy Bat and gave one to every family I know for Christmas and it was customized too.... It is fabulous to have a unique gift item not to mention a REALLY fun game!!"

L.W..."Buoy Bats are high quality items and fun for individuals of all ages!"

D.D.D..."Best college care package I've sent my son this year!!!" 

D.K..."Everything about the form fit and finish of the Buoy Bat is appealing. It's nice to have one always rolling around in the back of the wagon, ready for use." 

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    *Surcharge applies to AK,HI & PR...we reserve the right to choose the shipping co.

     Buoy Bill makes cool fun products from real foam fishing buoys.  Buoys are usually on the end of a rope tied to a lobster trap or crab pot but we use them to make other things including Buoy Bats, a real ball bat played in similar fashion to Wiffle Ball, Baseball, or Softball.  Buoy Bat is a great outdoor game perfect for the beach, backyard, playground, camping, family reunions, parties etc.  Buoy Bill offers other products made from fishing buoys including a toilet paper holder made from a buoy called The Bathroom Buoy...or Poo-E-Buoy and Welcome Buoys which are used as decorations for around the home, beach house, camp, or wherever it works for you.  All Buoy Bills products are available in a multitude of designs including Lobster, Crabs, Anchors, Starfish, Moose, Shamrocks for the Irish, Peace Signs, Sailboats, Stars and Stripes for those who want to show their love for our great country, Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween, Christmas Trees and many others.  Whether you live in Maine,New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Connectitcut, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida or just want to live in one of these beautiful coastal states, these products make great gifts and all can be custom imprinted or monogrammed per your instructions. 

    All Buoy Bills products are Made in Maine in America and he's proud to support this great country by making his products in The USA.  Long live the Buoy!